Digigroup Mission Statement


Our mission is to drive long-term sustainable performance in all we do. Digigroup aims to be the company of choice for both our electrical and LED products and to deliver outstanding customer service. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and help to shape a greener planet.


  • Through investment in our employees and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and partners
  • Continuing to innovate and develop the business and our product range by implementing processes and procedures which make us more effective and productive in the marketplace
  • Implementation of further certification, adding to our current ISO9001, ISO14001, WEEE, and T11 recycling policies making us less wasteful and better at what we do
  • Recognising the importance of our customers and ensuring they receive accurate information, high quality products, value for money and professional service
  • Engaging with the local community and supporting charities and events
  • Increasing our visibility and impact in the marketplace
  • By developing products and services which are unique from our competitors
  • The delivery of highly energy efficient LED lighting products which replace older, inefficient lighting.
  • Making affordable, energy efficient electrical products available to a wider demographic audience
  • By supplying increasingly better products and services, we actively integrate environmental considerations into our corporate decision-making processes
  • Adhering to our strict environmental policies to re-use, reduce or recycle waste, and to prevent pollution: Environmental Policy


Digiland has commitments to its stakeholders with respect to growth, profit and capital. We always strive to meet our targets by delivering high quality and innovative solutions: also aiming to make a positive impact on the issues of global warming.

By offering energy efficient products to the local and wider community at home and abroad, we can positively affect the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals alike.